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Programma Erasmus+ - Azione KA2
Partenariati Strategici settore istruzione e formazione
Invito a presentare proposte 2014 (EAC/S11/13)
Progetto n°2014-1-ITO1-KA202-002605 - CUP:G86G14000420006

  Address  Via della Giuliana 38 - 00195 Roma (Italy)
  Contact Person  Alessandra Antinori
  Telephone  +39 347.0746089
  Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CIRSES- Centro di Iniziativa e di Ricerca sul Sistema Educativo e Scientifico (Initiative and Research Centre on the Education and Scientific Systems) was established in October 1980. The Centre is partially financed by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and it aims at studying the Italian and European Education and Training Systems. Over time, CIRSES has carried out many important initiatives and research studies, which played a significant role in the Italian debate on School-related issues: Research on School Dropping Out; Private Schools in Europe; Gender-based Stereotypes  in Textbooks; Competence-based teaching and learning. 

CIRSES has been commitment on EU Funds with different Leonardo da Vinci –TOI projects, specifically: 

- EURIALO - LEarning and gUidance tools against discRIminAtion: respect for alL different sexual chOices and cultural identities, aimed to a) Fighting against discrimination based on sexual diversity and ethnic origin b) Increasing the awareness, guiding, and training people operating in the school and training systems; training of psycho-social workers and raising their awareness of problems relating to discrimination based on sexual orientation and choices and ethnic diversity. 

- RELOAD - laboratories for REcovery and deepening of Learning Or Aimed at Deconstructive/transitional approaches to students’ vocational guidance, aimed to realize prototypes of laboratorial activities to be tested in different national and transnational contexts in order to improve the actions of accompaniment and vocational guidance for teenagers, from 14 to 18 years of age, put in action in the different contexts.

- Work Harmony - Organizational Model and Methodology for Promoting the Conciliation of Worker’s Professional and Personal Lives in Enterprise. The general aim of the proposal consisted in transfer and promoting the implementation of new models of organization of labour and social facilities, encouraging the conciliation of work and family life, starting from the Spanish Good Practice IMPLANTA

- I2E - FromIdeaToEnterprise. This project aims at transferring ResEUr training and certification program which covers all the key aspects that are associated with essential considerations upfront the process of the creation of a new enterprise, as well as with boosting the innovation power of existing companies. 

From 2014 CIRSES is partner in the new Erasmus+ KA2 “Diversities@Work". CIRSES has been promoter and creator of the project idea because the previous Eurialo.