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Programma Erasmus+ - Azione KA2
Partenariati Strategici settore istruzione e formazione
Invito a presentare proposte 2014 (EAC/S11/13)
Progetto n°2014-1-ITO1-KA202-002605 - CUP:G86G14000420006

  Address   Viale della Vittoria, 85 - 60035 JESI (AN)
  Contact Person   Giovanna Moroni
  Telephone   +39 0731 213660
  Email    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

COOSS is a Social Cooperative which works for care, assistance and promotion of the individual. We recognize as fundamental the right of each of us to have a fair quality of life and this is the reason why we study, we specialize and we work every day with health and care sector professionals.

For us each person is a unique individual: his protection is our first purpose, that’s why our motto is “in the center of our Coossmo there is you”, in the firm belief that the peculiarities of everyone are a patrimony to protect and enhance. 

COOSS is born in 1979 and counts nowadays more than 2.500 associates; the territory in which we operate is that of Marche Region and the intervention areas we are competent are:

Third age: management of rest homes and protected residences, private interventions at home

Disability: interventions of educational assistance, rehabilitation, help to person at home or in our daily and residential structures

Mental Health:support and assistance services

Childhood: nursery schools, centers and services for childhood

Addictions: prevention interventions and services, information, damage reduction, research, diagnosis and care

Minors: youth aggregation centers, game rooms, emergency reception communities

Immigration: services center for social integration

Difficulties:assistance services, counselling and orientation, anti-discrimination initiatives, awareness events, information and training  

Orientation and work:help desk which provides services to the personof welcoming, information, redaction of Curriculum Vitae, guidance counselling to training and / or work, matching between request and job offer, relations with the public network and services to companies and to employersof promotion and scouting, information and access to services, counselling, matching between request and job offer


We have always been interested in researchand trainingas well as in the promotion of integration and social participation on the territory, mainly of Marche Region, with the purpose of guarantee the employment to our associates

For these reasons, within COOSS, in 1993 born the Training and Research Departmentwhich deals with the individuation of emerging social needs of the population and the experimentation of innovative solutions in social, health, educational and assistance field. We are trainers, instructors, and experts in social and health issues and we work in synergy with services management responsibles to provide respondent proposals to the real needs of our associates.     

In particular, competence sectors in which we work as T&R Department are:

-          European Projects: during twenty years of experience we have been participating in thematic programs, structural and transboundary, developing and strengthening important networks and partnerships. The main programs in which we worked and currently join as leader and partner are: ErasmusPlus, Europe for Citizens, Progress, IPA Adriatic, FP7, ICT-PSP, Daphne, AAL Ambient Assisted Living, LLP – Grundvig e Leonardo da Vinci, Youth in Action, Equal, FEI, FSE, etc.

-          Projects at national, regional and local level: we participate in calls issued from public and private bodies to promote active aging, integration and quality of life of disables people, social inclusion of immigrants, independence and personality of young people in the perspective to foster the wellbeing and the growing, promotion of citizenship, of social inclusion and equality, management of public structures and services of social health, of an assistance and educational nature, etc.

-          Training projects: as vocational education and training agency, we manage public funds and European Social Fund resources (ESF) to realize courses and training activities, we plan and achieve free and with fee training interventions as vocational training courses, specialization courses, updating courses, seminars, conferences, etc. The engagement in the field of training has  confirmed by the accreditation obtained the 22/12/2002 at the Vocational Training Service of Marche Region as training structure.

Since 2012 we are written at the National General Register Office of Research Bodies , established at Ministry of Education, University and Research.