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Programma Erasmus+ - Azione KA2
Partenariati Strategici settore istruzione e formazione
Invito a presentare proposte 2014 (EAC/S11/13)
Progetto n°2014-1-ITO1-KA202-002605 - CUP:G86G14000420006

The project shall aim to develop 5 Intellectual Outputs:

O1 - Report on Context, Target Group Needs, and SWOT Analyses

The Report consists of :

1) Part One
 - Context description of the LGBT condition at work
-  Description of the Good Practices and/or policies implemented in the different Partner Countries in order to prevent LGBT discrimination and favour Diversity within companies and firms

2) Part Two
Outcome of the survey and results of the target group need analysis for each Partner Country

3) Part Three
Results of the SWOT Analysis on the Crossing Diversity BP

The Report also includes an ADDENDUM, containing the toolkit, as well as the analysis and data collection tables utilised for the research and the SWOT Analysis.

For obtain a copy of the Report please send an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

O2 - Tool and methodology Kit for the implementation of LGBT Diversity within the companies
For access to LGBT+@WORK contents, please go to E-Learning Area

O3 - E-Learning Section, including LGBT Diversity tools and methodologies for companies/firms

O4 – Project’s Web Site

O5 – Newsletter (4 issues)